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Florida obituaries for people with Ohio connections are clipped by local volunteers and sent to OGS. Volunteers enter the information and are currently finished up to the surname letter C. Information found here will change as more obituaries are entered. All obituaries are in the collection of the Ohio Genealogical Society, 611 State Route 97 West, Bellville OH 44813-8813, and may be viewed on a library visit, or copies may be obtained by sending a check or money order to OGS - $2 first obituary, $1 each additional obituary. Researchers may also check newspapers in the death place location for more information.
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Last Name   First Name & Other Info Year Location Ohio Origin
Banks Mamie M 1988 N Ft Myers Struthers
Banks Richard Allen 2006 Cocoa Beach Marysville
Banks Roy Courtney Sr 2000 Waldo Middletown
Banks Truda E 1992 Lake Wales New Lebanon
Bankovich William 2003 N Ft Myers Canton
Banker E Robert "Bob" 1993 Cape Coral Columbus
Banker Jack J Jr 1986 Cleveland
Banker Mary Jane 1992 Cape Coral Columbus
Bangle Jerald D 1995 Ross County
Bangert Charlotte Amick 1993 Ocala Columbus
Bangert Herbert D Jr 2002 Winter Park Columbus
Bane Jackie L 1993 Apopka Harrison
Bane James F 1992 Eustis
Bandy Richard Eugene 1991 Lake Alfred Canton
Bandsuch Michael K 2004 Cape Coral Struthers
Bancs John 1997 Bradenton Berlin Center
Bancs Norma L 1998 Bradenton Youngstown
Bancroft Barbara White 2001 Vero Beach Cleveland
Bancroft Oliver 1999 Bradenton Ashtabula
Bancroft Phyllis A 1998 Bradenton Chagrin Falls
Bancroft Susan G 1986 Sarasota Dalton
Banchy George A "Butch" 1991 West Melbourne Portsmouth
Banadyga Albert A Dr 2000 Lady Lake Toledo
Banach Helen Marie 2004 Sarasota New Philadelphia
Bana Bruce Conrad 2005 Gainesville Cleveland
Bammerlin Jack E 1993 Cape Coral Rocky River
Bamberger Robert R 2004 Williston Mansfield
Balzer Dennis Dale 2003 Winter Haven Cleveland
Baluck Richard E 1993 Sarasota Youngstown
Baltz Florence Victoria 1994 Palm Harbor Cleveland
Balton Robert William Sr 1991 Ft Myers Cincinnati
Balthazor Mildred Marie 2002 Port Charlotte Toledo
Balthaser Robert Eugene 1991 Fruitland Delaware
Baltes Charles M "Chuck" 2008 Tampa Cleveland
Balster Amy V 1988 Orlando Mt Blanchard
Balser Helen R 2002 Gulfport Hamersville
Balough Edward J 1997 West Melbourne Cleveland
Balogh Bela "Bill" 1997 Venice Cleveland
Balogh Dolores Fay 1994 Bradenton Grafton
Balogh Elmer F 2003 Palmetto Grafton
Balogh Faith Carol Cutton 2011 Cleveland
Balogh Irene Elizabeth 1997 Bedford
Balogh Theodore Benjamin 1996 Elyria
Balogh William 2005 Englewood Lorain
Balog Daniel M 2002 St Petersburg Lakewood
Ballou Justin "Guy" 2003 Toledo
Balloon Robert Dean 2008 Gainesville
Ballman Clara R 1994 Orlando Cincinnati
Ballman Irene M 1990 Bradenton Cincinnati
Ballinger Margaret 1990 Ft Myers Columbus
Ballinger Viviene Constance 1990 Sarasota Cincinnati
Balliett Lorena Spergin 1994 Palm Harbor Congo
Ballew Bessie B 1991 Tampa Pomeroy
Ballert Ruby 1997 Fern Park Wapakoneta
Ballenger Candace "Candy" 1999 Tampa Columbus
Ballenger Charles R 1994 Lakeland Lewisburg
Ballenger James Keith 1994 Maitland Columbus
Ballenger Ruth E 2004 Port Charlotte Mansfield
Ballauer Walter H 1994 St Petersburg Cincinnati
Ballas Brian Scott 2000 Port Charlotte Warren
Ballarin Victor 1988 St Petersburg Piney Fork
Ballard Betty J 1993 Daytona Beach Hamilton
Ballard David M 1993 Largo Westerville
Ballard Edna E 1990 Tampa Lorain
Ballard Joseph W 1990 N Ft Myers Middletown
Ballard Paul Edward 2003 Alachua West Elkton
Ballard Wilma Yvonne 1996 Bradenton Middletown
Ballantyne John D 1991 Ft McCoy Marion
Ballantyne Thomas Arthur Jr 1996 Melbourne Beach Akron
Ballantine Franklin E "Frank" 1993 Cape Canaveral Cambridge
Ballantine Kathy Jean 2009 Lehigh Acres Glouster
Balla Elizabeth H 2002 Palm Bay Crescent
Ball Ann C 2003 Davenport Toledo
Ball Charles Sparkman 1991 Sarasota Sylvania
Ball Cleo 1990 Sarasota Arlington
Ball D D 1988 Jacksonville
Ball Dorothy Taylor Sarasota Salem
Ball Ethel L "Cissy" 1996 Sarasota Portsmouth
Ball Fred L 1989 Lauderdale Cincinnati
Ball Ima P 1994 Lakeland Kalida
Ball Jimmy Lee 2005 Lakeland Cincinnati
Ball John Douglas 1997 Gainesville Troy
Ball Lona R 1992 Jacksonville Lower Salem
Ball Loretta 2000 Plant City Columbus
Ball M Cecile 1997 Nokomis Columbus
Ball Phyllis E 2008 Ft Myers Columbus
Ball Tellison Floyd 2001 South Pasadena Hendrysburg
Ball Terry L 1991 Lakeland Toledo
Ball Wanda L 1994 Bokeelia Cincinnati
Ball Webster C II 1988 Venice Cleveland
Balke Martha M 2001 N Redington Beach Cincinnati
Baliko Grace K 2001 Clearwater Richland County
Baliff Warren R 1996 Haines City Akron
Balestreri Marien F 1995 Clearwater Cleveland
Bales Donald J 2010 Orlando Cleveland
Bales Earl H Titusville Dayton
Balent Charles E 2000 Port Richey Columbus
Bale Edward S 1992 Lake Wales Cleveland
Baldwin Adelbert S "Bud" 1999 Valrico Cleveland
Baldwin Delphina Brown 1992 Wildwood Marion
Baldwin Esther I 1991 Leesburg Ravenna
Baldwin Florence I 2004 Mineral City
Baldwin Frank Z "Frankie" 1994 Sarassota Toledo
Baldwin Harry R 1993 Lakeland Hamilton
Baldwin James W Sr 1990 Zolfo Springs Columbus
Baldwin John Leroy Jr 2004 Bradenton Toledo
Baldwin Karen Ann 1997 Sarasota Cleveland
Baldwin Laura Alice 1990 Tampa Bay Cincinnati
Baldwin Lawrence H 1992 Sun City Center Massillon
Baldwin Loretta C 1989 Palm Harbor St Marys
Baldwin Mabel L 2003 Tampa Dayton
Baldwin Marian A 1996 Bradenton Akron
Baldwin Mary Ann 2010 N Ft Myers Gallia County
Baldwin Pauline Dora 1990 Largo Paulding
Baldwin Ralph 2002 Cape Coral Kettering
Baldwin Susan Begaye 2004 Gainesville
Baldwin Urban Hugh 2009 Gallipolis
Baldwin Velma 2007 Temple Terrace Cleveland
Baldwin Wilfred "Wick" 2001 Barefoot Bay Twinsburg
Baldwin William W 1990 Tierra Verde East Cleveland
Baldwin Wilma A 2004 Ellenton Columbus
Baldt Jane Ellen 2002 N Ft Myers Cincinnati
Baldock Jean M 2002 Punta Gorda Cincinnati
Baldock Ralph M 2005 Port Charlotte Cincinnati
Baldinger Lowell R 1987 Nokomis Martel
Balcom Jerome John 1992 Orlando Cleveland
Balch Bess Kincaid 1988 Golf Estates
Balch Clyde W 1991 Englewood Toledo
Balch Phyllis 1997 Naples Dayton
Balcer Mary Frances 1992 Cape Coral Maple Heights
Balcer Wilburt 1995 Cape Coral Cleveland
Balcarcel Mary Margaret 2009 Bonita Springs Massillon
Balawender Katherine Dorothy 1996 Palmetto Cleveland
Balancek John Joseph 1989 Clearwater Cleveland
Balan Elda L 1989 Ellenton Cleveland
Balabin Paul Fred 1992 Edgewater Flushing
Bakum Roger Kerry 1988 Westlake Cleveland
Bakotic Wanda 1999 Melbourne Toledo
Bakos Ethel 2010 Cambridge
Baker Alfred 1989 Winter Haven Columbus
Baker Alberta A 1986 Kissimmee Portsmouth
Baker Allan A Sr 1989 Clearwater Bloomdale
Baker Andrella F 1988 Port Orange Youngstown
Baker Annabelle 1988 Ocala Springfield
Baker Anne H 2006 Gainesville
Baker Audrey E 1993 Ocala Dayton
Baker Barbara Jean 2010 Port Charlotte Dayton
Baker Betty Knuth 2003 Port Charlotte Euclid
Baker Charles L 1989 Ft Lauderdale Cincinnati
Baker Charles N Jr 1992 Pembroke Pines Akron
Baker Clarence 1988 Punta Gorda Lorain
Baker Celesta F 1997 Floral City Plain City
Baker Cletus Charles 2000 Sun Terrace Toledo
Baker Clifford "Bud" 1989 N Ft Myers Cincinnati
Baker David E 2006 Venice Rushville
Baker Donald 1990 Winter Haven Bucyrus
Baker Donald 1997 Englewood Leavittsburg
Baker Donald R 2002 Brandon London
Baker Donald R 1992 St Petersburg Lakewood
Baker Dorothy Jesselyn 1992 Leesburg Columbus
Baker Dorothy M 1991 Cape Coral Dayton
Baker Edith S 2007 Jacksonville Cleveland
Baker Elbert O 1993 Lakeland W Alexandria
Baker Elizabeth 1988 Lake Wales Payne
Baker Ellis R 1998 Merrit Island Newark
Baker Emmet E "Gene" 1992 Sarasota Akron
Baker Ethel 1987 Lake Wales Cleveland
Baker Ethel M 1989 Ft Myers Beach Columbus
Baker Eunice 1994 Largo
Baker Floyd 2000 Port Charlotte Alliance
Baker Gene P 2002 Bayonet Point Canton
Baker Gertrude 1988 Dunnellon Hamilton
Baker Gloria Seles 2005 Earleton Youngstown
Baker Grace B 1995 Leesburg Paulding
Baker Harold O 1988 Canton
Baker Harry E 1993 Largo Fremont
Baker Helen Frances 2002 Melbourne Hamilton
Baker Helen 1992 Sunnybreeze Cleveland
Baker Helen G 1998 Lakeland E Canton
Baker Howard 1987 Lake Wales Seville
Baker Ivan L 1993 Lakeland Logan County
Baker Jack R 1985 St Petersburg Cincinnati
Baker Jack V 2000 Sun City Center Montgomery County
Baker James B "Jim" 2007 Aventura Columbus
Baker James F "Jim" 2002 Largo Ravenna
Baker Jean A 2000 Palmetto New Haven
Baker Jesse R 1995 Seminole Mt Vernon
Baker John 1998 Sarasota Marietta
Baker John Elmer 1993 Lakeland Pomeroy
Baker Joseph C "Joe" 2004 Ft Myers Bucyrus
Baker Joseph E 1992 Winter Haven Warren
Baker Joyce S 2005 Gainesville New London
Baker June F 1990 Pinellas Park Steubenville
Baker June H 1991 Cincinnati
Baker Justine Ladonna 1994 Sarasota Mesopotamia
Baker Kathryn Ann 2002 Brooksville Van Wert
Baker Kenneth F 2011 Punta Gorda Columbus
Baker Laura R 1991 West Melbourne Dayton
Baker Lawrence F Jr 1995 Port Orange Niles
Baker Lawrence 1989
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