Contact Information
Florida Chapter OGS
1038 Cottageville Lane
The Villages, FL 32162
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Operating Year: January - December 2018

Executive Board
President: Yolanda Lifter
Vice President: Debbie Baker
Secretary: Devens Rose
Treasurer: Patricia Rand
Director of Chapter Archives: Hal West
Director of Chapter Projects: Kay Hudson
Immediate Past President: Barbara Fleshman
Newsletter Editor: Mark McKean
Webmaster: Debbie Baker
Celebrating 30 Years
At the 2014 Annual Conference, FL OGS received a certificate of congratulations from The Ohio Genealogical Society Board of Trustees. OGS Trustees, Dr. Deborah Abbott and Kay Hudson, presented the certificate to chapter officers and conference attendees. 
Check Quest Newsletter editor Norm Myers' booklet for the history of this chapter and photos from the 2014 conference.