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Florida obituaries for people with Ohio connections are clipped by local volunteers and sent to OGS. Volunteers enter the information and are currently finished up to the surname letter H. Information found here will change as more obituaries are entered. All obituaries are in the collection of the Ohio Genealogical Society, 611 State Route 97 West, Bellville OH 44813-8813, and may be viewed on a library visit, or copies may be obtained by sending a check or money order to OGS - $2.50 per obituary (scanned or postal mail). Researchers may also check newspapers in the death place location for more information.
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to 100 of 19362
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Last Name   First Name & Other Info Year Location Ohio Origin
Ables N Donald "Don" 1992 Largo Akron
Ables Todd Weslee 2002 New Port Richey Columbus
Abney George Richard 1989 Sarasota Hamilton/Madison
Abney Roger 1999 Tampa Fremont/Toledo
Abolt Grace 2002 New Port Richey Toledo
Abraham Anne Pasturzak 2012 Longwood McDermot
Abraham Eugene 1992 Hollywood Cleveland
Abraham Paul A 1990 Cape Coral Medina
Abraham-Greenberg Joyce L 2013 Deerfield Beach Cleveland
Abramoska Frieda C (Laatz) 1992 Ft. Myers Cleveland
Abramoska Irene B 1989 St. Petersburg Cleveland
Abramovich Boyd E 1991 Orlando Wadsworth
Abrams Erwin E 1989 Holiday Cleveland
Abrams Ethel A 2006 Sarasota Piketon
Abrams George Edward 2005 New Port Richey Jackson
Abrams Geraldine 1997 Lakeland Washington Court House
Abruzzino Frank W 1994 Ellenton Chardon
Abruzzino L David 1988 Dunedin Mariemont
Abshear Wilbur Charlton 1989 Bradenton Dayton
Abshire William Gerald 2002 Miami Cincinnati
Abt Joseph L 1989 Ocala Cleveland
Accetola Robert 2004 Starke Columbus
Accettola Joseph L 1989 Ocala Alliance
Achatz George Edward "Pete" 1988 Crystal River St. Marys
Achbach Maruice Reid 1992 Franklin, North Carolina Van Wert
Acheson Donald E 1996 Port Charlotte Dayton
Achor Gladys E 2003 Lakeland Canton
Ackelson Margaret 1996 San Diego, California Bay Village
Acker Mary Rae 2002 Inverness Brecksville
Acker Richard George 2000 Inverness Brecksville
Ackerman Albert 2004 Cape Canaveral Columbus
Ackerman Georgia W 1993 Largo Bryan
Ackerman Iola G 1985 St. Petersburg Berea
Ackerman Kenneth J 1988 St. Petersburg Mansfield
Ackerman Neal Richard 2008 Jacksonville Cleveland
Ackerman Richard 1993 Orlando Bainbridge
Ackerman Theodore Jacob 1994 Melbourne Norwood
Ackerman William J 1999 Sarasota Cambridge
Ackerson Edna I 2001 Tampa Akron
Ackerson Ethel H 1993 West Palm Beach Beavercreek
Ackley Eugene E 2000 Jacksonville Sandusky
Ackley John F 2001 New Port Richey Dayton
Ackley Michael F 1990 Stuart Morral
Ackman Jean K 2012 Tampa Dayton
Ackom Gerald F "Bud" 1990 Largo Van Wert
Ackworth Mary E 1994 Clearwater Kent
Ackworth Raymond H 1994 Clearwater Youngstown
Acord Anice Chafin 1988 Orlando Warfield, Kentucky
Acord Erwin T Jr 1994 Crystal Beach Cincinnati
Acord Phyllis Jane 1990 Bradenton Columbus
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